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standard Brian Sapp of Tapjoy on Mobile

5.9.13_Tapjoy ”Mobile WILL revolutionize advertising.” – Brian Sapp, Director Developer Partnerships, Tapjoy at Mobile Media Summit LA. Missed our LA event? Don’t worry, we have an amazing line-up of speakers for the Mobile Media Upfront New York! Check out the full line-up and register today.  It’s on Monday, May 20th at the New World Stages in NYC,  WATCH VIDEO >

standard Tony Nethercutt of PlaceIQ on Mobile

5.9.13_MMS_PlaceIQCheck out a video from the Mobile Media Summit LA, where Tony Nethercutt, Chief Revenue Officer of Place IQ discusses how mobile helps bring traditional advertising to life and helps marketers know what’s working and what isn’t. To see more great speakers from PlaceIQ and other top mobile companies, get your tickets for the Mobile Media Upfront today, on Monday, May 20th in NYC. WATCH VIDEO >

standard Schick’s “Razorvention” Reaches Young Gals Through SMS

5.2.13_SchickPersonal skincare line Schick is loading its print pages with mobile calls-to-action to drive product samples. The print ads are appearing in the May issue of Marie Claire magazine. According to Mobile Marketer, the campaign is part of Schick’s bigger multichannel marketing initiative called “razorvention.” “SMS is a familiar communication method for our target consumer, so it’s an easy way for her to interact with the Hydro Silk brand,” said Camilla Medeiros, senior brand manager at Schick Hydro Silk, Shelton, CT. “The entire experience — from the first SMS message to when the free sample order is submitted — is seamless and takes only a few minutes,” she said. “SMS is a great tool to help make this possible.”

standard XTOPOLY Wins Multiple Addys

5.8.13_XtopolyNaushad Huda, Founder and CEO of XTOPOLY, announced today that the agency recently won a number of awards at the Orange County Ad Federation awards. XTOPOLY is a strategically driven full-service Mobile Marketing agency that works with clients like T-Mobile USA and Yamaha Watercrafts. “Many marketers are enchanted by new technology and jump into it without a plan. We fit mobile into their overall strategy and marketing plan.” XTOPOLY won Silver Addys for Emirates Airlines, Yamaha Watercrafts, Men’s Wearhouse, and the agency also was awarded a Bronze Addy in the Public Service Category for a Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort campaign that the agency produced for T-Mobile USA and T-Mobile’s mobile web property. “The key to our success is that we are a mobile interactive agency that thinks before it just executes, said Huda. “Many marketers are enchanted by new technology and jump into it without a plan. We fit mobile into their overall strategy and marketing plan.”  Read the full article in Business Wire >

standard Top 10 Tech Innovations This Week

5.2.13_glassSpring is finally here. But that doesn’t mean the world of tech is ready to take a break — like you probably did, missing some exciting tech stories. As usual, you have nothing to fear, because we’re here with Mashable’s Top 10 Tech. And the future has so many other exciting things in store for us. One will be curved OLED TVs. LG launched the first model this week, surprising everybody. In the future, we will also have glowing plants, and smartphone displays that change shape to alert you when the phone receives a call or a text. 1. Samsung -Inch Galaxy Tab 3 2. Naturally Glowing Plants 3. Intel’s New ‘Iris’ Chips 4. The World’s First 55-Inch Curved OLED TV 5. New Breed of Windows Hybrids, Android Tablet  Get the full list on Mashable >

standard Yahoo’s Strengthened by Mobile

4.24.13_YahooDuring a recent conference call with analysts to discuss Yahoo’s first quarter financial results, Marissa Mayer said that Yahoo’s mobile services now attract about 300 million monthly visitors, up from 200 million at the end of last year. According to Mobile Marketer, Yahoo is leveraging mobile apps to make its various services more appealing and accessible to the growing number of consumers using smartphones to check the weather, stay in touch with friends and keep up on the news. The stronger mobile focus is already producing some positive results for Yahoo. The new iOS app for Yahoo uses Summly’s natural-language algorithms and machine learning to deliver summaries of news articles from a variety of sources, with users able to select topics they want more of. The app also features a virtually endless newsfeed, stronger imagery and improved video and image search,

standard Dunkin’s Mobile Donuts

4.24.13_DDDunkin’ Donuts is turning to its email database to drive downloads of the company’s mobile payments application and educating consumers about the pros of paying with their smartphones. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, last week, the coffee giant ran a campaign to its email database that centered around its mobile app. The email also included mobile incentives to help drive downloads. “Dunkin’ Donuts regularly uses email as one of its many communications channels for keeping our guests informed about new products and promotions,” said Scott Hudler, vice president of global consumer engagement at Dunkin’ Brands. “At least every month our mobile offers change so email is an easy way to communicate that with all our loyal Dunkin’ UpDDate members,” he said. “We know that our guests enjoy receiving information about discounts, so we prepared an email communication highlighting our April offers available in the Dunkin’ app.”

standard Google Grabs Wavii – Mobile Reader

4.24.13_WaviiPerhaps sensing a void now that Google Reader is gone, the Internet giant could be moving forward with a new strategy for mobile news apps. Following up rumors swirling around recently, TechCrunch is reporting that Google has acquired Wavii, a startup that produces a mobile app featuring a “personalized news feed.” According to Wavii’s site, the news feed can include status updates about “any topic,” whether it be technology, entertainment, politics — or even a “startup acquisition.” Neither Google nor Wavii have revealed anything publicly, but TC estimated the deal is worth approximately $30 million. Regardless, it only adds to what could be a growing battle-of-sorts in Silicon Valley right now over what is becoming a highly-contested space: mobile news reader apps. For further evidence, just look at Yahoo’s recent purchase of Summly as well as LinkedIn’s bid for Pulse,

standard [Bad] Apple?

4.24..13_rottenApple announced today that it will implement a two-year buy-back plan to hold up shares as profits suffer an 18% drop on the same quarter in 2012. to make matters worse, yesterday Apple returned up to 8 million iPhones to Foxconn “due to appearance of substandard or dysfunctional problems.” This could cost Cupertino’s top manufacturer up to $1.6 billion, according to a report from China Business. The report doesn’t mention specific problems with the handsets. Additionally, we don’t know which models were returned. If the batch was made up of existing models, such as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, this could eventually show up as a hole in Apple’s supply chain. However, if these defective models were in fact “iPhone 5S” models, Apple may be forced to delay the launch of its newest handset. Foxconn reportedly began production of the iPhone 5S earlier this month. As of now, Apple is expected to announce the seventh-generation iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June,

standard Is Twitter Going TVitter?

4.17.Twitter_playTwitter is close to striking partnerships with Viacom and NBCUniversal that would bring content from their TV networks to the social media site, Bloomberg News reported, citing people familiar with the situation. The micro-blogging site has held talks with the entertainment giants about hosting TV clips and selling ads alongside them, it said. Under the proposed content partnerships, Twitter would stream videos and split the resulting ad revenue with the networks, according to the report. Twitter has been looking to add video content to keep users on its service longer and look at ads, which would add new revenue for the site. The San Francisco-based company already has content partnerships with Walt Disney’s ESPN, Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System and the Weather Channel. TV content has been a big focus of tweets. Last June, a third of active Twitter users commented on TV fare, according to a Nielsen report last year.


standard Starbucks Becoming More Mobile Friendly For Brands

4.17.13_bongowirelessStarbucks continues to add opportunities for brands to reach mobile customers via the in-store Wi-Fi available in many locations thanks to a new partnership with Boingo Wireless. According to Mobile Marketer, the coffee house chain has named Boingo Wireless as its exclusive Wi-Fi advertising and sponsorship partner. In addition to the static banner ad previously shown to customers before they can access the free in-store Wi-Fi, Boingo will offering additional ad units including IAB units and video interstitials beginning in the second quarter. “Starbucks has had advertising on its Wi-Fi network for some time,” said Christian Gunning, vice president of corporate communications, for Boingo Wireless. “Boingo is just the latest ad provider to service this network. “Different advertisers have different interests,” he said. “Our airport and hotel ad networks are popular among those focused on the travel industry.

standard Is iPhone Getting Blackberried?

4.15.13_Blackberry-appleMobile devices have drastically changed over the years and the space continues to evolve at an expeditious pace. According to Mobile Marketer, BlackBerry was once considered at the top of its game and has since lost some of its appeal. With Apple’s major drop in stock value and ongoing PR battle, is the manufacturing giant following in the same footsteps? For many, Apple is still at the height of its game and is considered a top manufacturer in the mobile space. Then again, BlackBerry was once considered that, too. “Nowhere is classic Schumpeterian creative destruction more at work than in the mobile space,” said Ritesh Bhavnani, chairman of Snipp Interactive, Washington. “First we had Nokia, then Motorola, then Palm, then BlackBerry, then Apple, then Android – and the mobile space continues to evolve at a faster pace. “While it’s virtually impossible to predict who will win in the future, it is virtually certain that there will be many more disruptions ahead,” he said. “That being said, I don’t think Apple is becoming the new Blackberry – yet.

standard Tapjoy Advances Mobile Movie-Watching Experience

4.15.13-tapjoy-popcornWell-respected mobile advertising juggernaut Tapjoy and Popcornflix – the feature film movie streaming platform owned by Screen Media Ventures – have announced availability of PopcornflixGOLD. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, what’s the new offering all about? We’re told the app is a groundbreaking, first-ever free-to-use, feature length film content app for Android. The app makes more than 400 high-quality movies available on a free-to-use model. “The development of this unique app with Tapjoy and Popcornflix is a first,” said Gary Delfiner, President of Screen Media Digital. “Combining high-quality feature films within a free-to-use model will kickstart a new development in how the viewer can access movies!” “This is a game-changing experience that we are excited to lead with PopcornflixGOLD, one of the leading movie streaming sites,” says Rob Barnett, Head of Publisher Development at Tapjoy. “We have long believed that the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange® model that has worked so well for games translates well to premium content like movies.”

standard Is Facebook’s Home Broken?

4.15.13_facebook_homeIt looks like Android users aren’t happy about Facebook Home moving into their Android phones. A day after launch, an astounding 44% of users who have reviewed the app on Google Play have given it just one star, with a mere 19.4% of users opting to give Home a 5-star rating. All that equates to an average 2.5-star rating in Google Play, not exactly an ideal first-day showing. As of Saturday afternoon, only 2,588 people have reviewed the app, likely a far cry for the actual number of people using it. In the time it took the write this post, that number grew by hundreds, so that 2.5-star rating could certainly head up (or down) fairly quickly. So why one star? A highly immersive experience, many of the one-star ratings seem to centered on how much control Facebook takes of your phone. Users want the ability to use their own wallpaper, and have access to traditional Android widgets. One user, Spencer A, summed up many of the complaints with his review that Android Home ”Completely destroys what Android is about. Complete lack of customization.”

standard Yahoo Buys Summly For Its 17 Year-Old Founder

3.27.13_summlyYahoo has made another bold move in the mobile space by acquiring news reading app Summly. While the deal is not yet closed, sources tell AllThingsD that Yahoo ponied up $30 million in cash. That hefty sum is notable because Yahoo is also killing the Summly app, but holding onto its creator Nick D’Aloisio, who built it in his London home two years ago when he was just 15. Yes, you read that right. The charismatic English entrepreneur is only 17 years old, and he’s managed to put his creation in the hands of nearly a million users since its December 2011 launch while raising $1.5 million from big names like Horizon Ventures. The app’s secret sauce involved a unique algorithm that summarized articles from all over the Web, automagically condensing news stories and blog posts into bite-sized summaries intended to save readers time. Yahoo made it clear that its sights were set on the backbone of the app — its team and its algorithm. “While the Summly app will close, you will see the technology come to life throughout Yahoo!’s mobile experiences soon,” wrote Adam Cahan, Yahoo’s senior vice president of mobile and emerging products, on the company’s blog this morning,

standard Please Turn On All Electronic Devices

3.24.13_FAAFor any airline passenger who has been annoyed during takeoff and landing when told to power down electronics, here’s some great news: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may only require you to put some gadgets such as e-readers and laptops in “airplane mode” during takeoffs and landings — maybe as soon as next year. According to The New York Times, the FAA has been looking into the use of electronics on planes, and might ease up on the strict rules to shut them down during certain times. However, don’t get too excited. This wouldn’t apply to cellphones, the report said. The news comes following demands from the public to scientifically prove why devices such as e-readers can’t be used to read during takeoff and landing. The F.A.A. has been meeting with key companies from different industries such as Amazon and the Consumer Electronics Association since January, and it plans to reveal its findings on July 31, 2013, according to The New York Times.

standard Apple Acquires WifiSLAM

3.27.13_WifislamThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has closed a deal to acquire WifiSLAM. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, the company is largely focused on building technology that affords users positioning data while indoors. Apple paid an estimated $20 million for the Silicon Valley-based company, according to a person familiar with the matter. The two-year-old startup has developed ways for mobile apps to detect a phone user’s location in a building using Wi-Fi signals. It has been offering the technology to application developers for indoor mapping and new types of retail and social networking apps. The company has a handful of employees, and its co-founders include former Google software engineering intern Joseph Huang. The acquisition isn’t surprising given Apple’s ongoing efforts to wage war against Google in the realm of mapping,

standard Z10 Aims at “BYOD” Crowd

3.27.13_Z10With the BlackBerry launching its Z10 smartphone in the U.S. Friday, the phone maker faces an uphill battle going up against Android and iOS in this crucial market. According to Mediapost, BlackBerry had just 5.9% of the smartphone OS market in the U.S. in January, a distant third behind Android (52.3%) and iOS (37.8%), per comScore data. When it comes to U.S. market share among smartphone manufacturers, BlackBerry didn’t even make the top five. Whether the Z10, launched two months ago internationally, can help reverse the company’s downward spiral in the U.S. is an open question. But one of the factors BlackBerry can’t fight is the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, with more companies allowing employees to bring their personal smartphones into the workplace.

standard 25% of YouTube’s One Billion Users are Mobile!

3.24.13_YoutubeWhile YouTube has done a good job so far of addressing its growing mobile user base, the revelation that the total number of active users recently reached one billion for the first time points to the need for the company to quickly scale up its mobile efforts or risk getting left behind in this fast moving segment. According to Mobile Marketer, while desktop users are still the biggest users of digital video on YouTube, mobile accounts 25 percent of YouTube’s user base and continues to grow. In fact, YouTube said this week that the amount time spent watching YouTube via smartphone by Gen C users – those who have grown up accessing content across multiple channels – increased 74 percent in the past year. “Mobile users make up approximately 25 percent of YouTube’s one billion users, mobile has played an enormous role in YouTube’s growth to date,” said Jason Stein, president of social media agency Laundry Service, New York.

standard Starbucks – 3M+ Mobile Payment Transactions Per Week

3.24.13_StarbucksStarbucks is seeing big results via mobile, with the beverage giant generating more than three million United States mobile payment transactions per week. In addition, according to Mobile Commerce Daily, Starbucks is rolling out a cross-channel, multi-brand loyalty brand, as well as global social impact initiatives. The comments were made by Howard Schultz, president/CEO of Starbucks, during the company’s annual meeting of shareholders. “The opportunity we have to create value for our shareholders is exceeded only by our unique ability to contribute meaningfully to the communities we serve around the world,” Mr. Schultz said during the shareholders meeting. “From leveraging and expanding our strong global business partnerships, to bringing innovation to our customers and each of the markets and channels in which we operate, to expanding our broad array of digital customer touch points and deepening our ethical sourcing model, Starbucks is continuing to grow with passion and intent to become one of the world’s most relevant, admired and trusted brands,” he said. Starbucks has other new developments in the works.

standard The Rise of Impulse [Mobile] Commerce

3.20.13_ImpulseImpulse commerce revolves around the idea that consumers can now buy almost anything from anywhere in as quick as 30 seconds. According to Wired, starting originally with digital goods, it now comes to define the sale of almost everything, including groceries and errands with apps like Exec, physical goods with Amazon and eBay, and even transportation with services Uber, Sidecar, Lyft and BlackJet. As consumers get more accustomed to using these services, I predict impulse commerce as a market will grow threefold by year’s end. Fluid pricing and mobile apps are coming together to catalyze impulse commerce. StubHub is profiting enormously from impulse buying and ticket sales: its 2011 mobile sales were a whopping 500 percent year over year. What’s more, StubHub also reports that fans who waited to purchase tickets until the very last minute saved an average of 30 percent. Mobile provides an easy purchasing platform for these last minute impulse buyers. As these services continue to rake in profits, sellers eager to fill seats will become more willing to drop the price of tickets before movies and events. This means more customers will buy tickets at the last minute when a deal is too good to pass up.

standard Consumers Tap Their Way to $40 Billion+

3.20.13_MobileCheckingConsumers are embracing mobile devices for the ease and convenience they bring to everyday activities, such as using smartphones and tablets to deposit more than $40 billion into their accounts by snapping a picture of a check, according to Mitek. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, more than 12 million mobile users have made a deposit via their devices, pointing to the importance of mobile banking services for financial institutions. Additionally, more than 708 banks and credit unions have signed agreements with Mitek to provide mobile deposits to their customers. “Mobile deposit, the ability for consumers to quickly and easily deposit checks using their smartphone or tablet cameras has become a must have for banks as consumers increasingly adopt a mobile lifestyle,” said James DeBello, CEO of Mitek, San Diego. “Analyst data shows that more than 12 million Americans have deposited checks with mobile deposit and we know that number is growing quickly,” he said. “To put it simply, mobile deposit is not only easy and convenient, it’s fun.”

standard Big Mac’s Big Mobile

3.20.13_McDonaldsMcDonald’s is propelling consumers to connect with the brand on Instagram and take pictures of their favorite meals via a new mobile advertising campaign. According to Mobile Marketer, the company is running the campaign through a variety of mobile-optimized sites including Us Magazine, Spin and Billboard. “Kargo worked with OMD Chicago to help re-launch the McDonalds Big Mac,” said Alexis Berger, vice president of sales at Kargo. “Today the average teenager considers the Big Mac to be a part of the standard menu at this QSR,” she said. “This product re-launch and new creative messaging, are to remind consumers of the history and greatness behind this Burger. “Kargo is powering their mobile campaign utilizing a beautifully-designed Instagam unit. The hope is that this engaging unit will bring awareness to the product and allow the audience to engage with the brand, as folks are out enjoying the summer festivals.” The McDonald’s mobile banner ad reads “Share Your Biggest Instagram Moments” and “#Instafestival Big Mac. Tap to Expand.” When users tap on the mobile ad, it expands and claims that the Big Mac is “the best thing to happen to your mouth since teeth.”

standard xAd Report: Ad Location Targeting Use Skyrocketing

3.12.13_xadThe use of mobile location-based targeting by advertisers is skyrocketing, with search-behavioral targeting experiencing the highest rate of growth, according to a new report from xAd. According to Mobile Marketer, Mobile local ad network xAd found that 95 percent of national advertisers are now leveraging some form of mobile location-based targeting. The fastest-growing mobile targeting technique was targeting based on geo-precise mobile search behaviors, or search behavioral targeting, which grew at a 212 percent between the first quarter and the fourth-quarter of 2012. “Throughout 2012, there has been a dramatic shift in mobile location targeting strategies leveraged by national advertisers,” said Dipanshu Sharma, CEO of xAd, New York. “Specifically, we have started to see sizable shifts from standard geo-targeting, most commonly utilized in desktop or traditional marketing, to geo-precise targeting, which leverages mobile’s unique ability to target users based on their specific location,” he said. “I think this shift signals the growing awareness by mobile advertisers that a consumer’s exact location is a powerful factor in reaching and engaging desired mobile audiences.”

standard New BlackBerry Phone Almost Here!

3.12.13_BlackberryJust over six weeks after the BlackBerry Z10 phone went on sale in Britain, the handset, which will very likely determine the fate of the company formerly known as Research In Motion, will start arriving in the hands of American customers. According to the New York Times, Katie McFadzean, a spokeswoman for T-Mobile U.S.A., said in an e-mail on Monday that the carrier expects to deliver the first of the new BlackBerrys to business users “as early as the end of the week.” While T-Mobile has yet to announce when consumers will be able to buy the phone, AT&T said in a separate statement on Monday that the phone will become available on March 22, with preorders beginning Tuesday. Shares of BlackBerry closed at $14.90, up 14 percent, on Nasdaq. The Z10, a touch-screen phone that uses a new BlackBerry operating system, became available in Britain the day after its public unveiling in New York on Jan. 30. In Canada, where BlackBerry is based, the phone went on sale the next week.

standard Mobile Video + Social Media = Rhythm’s Killer App

3.8.13_MobileVideoRhythm New Media released a new report on how mobile video and social go together. Here’s what it said, mobile is the primary social media device: Users cite their smartphone as the device on which they most often use Facebook (61%) and Twitter (63%). There’s growing advertiser interest in social mobile campaigns: Huge 430% Y/Y growth in social media use in mobile campaigns. Social media ties nicely into mobile video: 30% of Interactive In-Stream mobile video campaigns included social media buttons, seeing a 36% lift in engagement. And finally, brand loyalty and sales deals are key reasons to “like” or follow: Facebook and Twitter users say they “like” or follow brands to show their interest/loyalty (58% and 61% respectively) and to get info about sales and deals (56% and 52% respectively),

standard Tablets Becoming Primary Computing Device for Youth

2.27.13_tabletTablets will become the primary computing device for college-age students and younger, supplanting laptops and desktops, agree 66% of agency leaders surveyed by Econsultancy for the latest Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) Digital Outlook Marketing report. But according Marketing Charts and a recent study from Forrester Research, tablet adoption is actually higher among Gen X (33-46) and Gen Y (24-32) adults than their younger Gen Z (18-23) counterparts, at least in the US. The SoDA report findings are interesting when compared with recent research from the NPD Group. According to NPD, 4 in 10 PC users are now accessing content on their tablets and smartphones instead of their PCs. But while the primary activities being shifted from PCs to tablets are web browsing and Facebook access, the report finds that those and other activities are still far more likely to be performed on a PC than on a tablet. The researchers also maintain that while these “entertainment-centric behaviors” might be migrating to smart devices, “computers will remain the fundamental content creation device in consumer’s tool box for many years to come.”

standard MWC 2013 – Day 1: All The Best Handsets & Tables On Show

2.27.13_MWCThough this year’s MWC is short on buzz, it is after all the “Year After The Year of Mobile!” It’s long on new product intros that fit into the palm of your hand. Just in the last day, techradarphones saw some great new products from Acer, Asus, Huawei, HP, LG, Lumia, Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.  According to The Verge, “There’s no denying that a major cause for the shift in buzz can be found in the increasing importance of software and commoditization of very capable hardware. It’s now simply harder to stand out on the strength of specs or design alone, so companies are dedicating more of their resources — both behind the scenes in development and in their on-stage speeches — to software. Yet at the same time, there’s a tangible change in culture, attitude, and goals around the Gran Via halls. Whereas consumer electronics trade shows were once all about their two titular characters — the consumer and the electronics she aspires to own — this year’s MWC and CES have been about the interaction between businesses. MWC this year features a “Mediterranean Networking Garden” at the venue, complete with a mini golf course for sealing deals between executives far from their home links. The amount of business talk may not be greater in absolute terms, but the dearth of major product announcements overshadowing it has made it more prominent,”

standard RocketFuel’s Programmatic Buying PDF

2.27.13_RocketfuelAccording to this well-written document, “Programmatic buying is the most exciting development to sweep across the digital landscape today. IDC has projected that programmatic buying will grow at 53% per year in the United States between 2011 and 2016. 1.Forrester believes that programmatic buying will ultimately capture the bulk of all digital advertising spending. 2. Every marketing executive today needs a good understanding of programmatic buying to run successful digital marketing programs and advance their careers.” It continues,  ”Rocket Fuel was founded on the belief that artificial intelligence and big data could radically change the course of digital advertising.” They are entering into the mobile arena.  Since 2008, they claim that their “team has delivered programmatic-buying solutions for thousands of marketers across the world.” So they put together a whitepaper where they  provide answers to the ten most FAQ’s about programmatic buying.  Check it out,

standard FTC Mobile App Suggestions Not Good For Marketers

2.5.13_FTCThe past weekend’s news on the FTC’s “suggestions” about limiting consumet behavior tracking is an indication that mobile is emerging with more rigorous standards for data use than online. The implications for advertisers will be a need to define ways to deliver effective marketing without all the data that they have become accustomed to online. They are also going to have to embrace opt-in. The knee jerk reaction that consumers have about privacy will limit their own ability to access relevant opportunities.  According to Mobile Media Summit CEO, Paran Johar, “Consumers are tired of what I call “Spamadvertising”especially on the uber personal mobile device – they crave relevant messaging they just don’t understand the content monetization equation and trust tech companies to enable this. Meaning content is not free, it has to be paid for. Either you pay to download, subscribe, or advertising pays for it. The less relevant the advertising the less it works, thus the less it costs and the less content it will subsidize. The more relevant the advertising the more it works and the more content it will subsidize. Data enables this relevance, which consumers crave and thereby blurring the line between an ad and content thereby providing a value exchange between the consumer and a brand.” It could amount to the ultimate discussion about what consumers give up and what they get in return from marketers.

standard Samsung Investment Fund Puts Its Money Where Your Mouth Is

2.5.13_5GSamsung introduced a new innovation center, investments funds, and international R&D center, today, all part of the company’s “Global Engine to Accelerate Innovation and Drive New Business Creation.” The new Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC) will have a headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., with offices in Korea and Israel. The project is being led by Samsung’s President and Chief Strategy Officer of device Solutions, Young Sohn. Mr. Sohn was on hand in Menlo Park Monday afternoon to make the announcement. “We’re in a very disruptive time,” says Sohn. “It’s a time of post-PC era.” Initial focus for the center will be in cloud infrastructure, mobile privacy, Internet of Things human interface, and mobile health. Entrepreneurs and innovators who are part of the project will gain access to Samsung resources. The early-stage $100 million Samsung Catalyst fund focused on components and subsystems together with the $1 billion Samsung Ventures America Fund to fuel innovative technologies and business models through all stages of business.

standard The Un-Super MobileBowl

2.5.13_superbowl_mobileGiven historical trends promoting mobile phones and apps, this year’s contributions to smartphone marketing were anything but hot in the Superbowl. Of course, Apple, the company that practically invented the Superbowl ad campaign w once again absent from this year’s event. Much to our surprise, the two mobile advertisers who showed up to play were Research in Motion’s Blackberry and, unsurprisingly, Samsung. The Editors were dismayed with Blackberry. When curiosity about their phones and how they are going to “contemporize” themselves is so high, their whimsical spot, with the tagline, “What the Blackberry 10 can’t do?” seemed to be exactly the wrong message.  Too bad the phone isn’t coming out for 2 months in the US. Bet they could have spent $4 million in better ways. We were also non-plussed with Samsung’s effort.  Though it was filled with fake celebro-chatter, it was short on specifics and long on movie-star “The Next Big Thing”

standard MMA and IAB Release ‘Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines’ For Public Comment

1.28.13_MMS_Iab_mobile_guidelines2With the goal of simplifying the development of ad units across the industry, the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau have released “Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines” for public comment. “With mobile in constant state of evolution and iteration, it is imperative that we provide clarity on how to effectively and strategically integrate mobile into the marketing mix,” says Michael Becker, Managing Director at MMA North America. With the rapid evolution of the mobile marketplace, there is a demand for standards and guidelines to unify the advertising industry, the partners announced in a public statement today. In short, the guidelines provide additional directives necessary to empower creative shops and publishers to use mobile “for more dynamic, rich consumer experiences.” They address smartphone and feature phone devices and are relevant for both mobile web and in-app inventory. Additionally, they include ad specifications for both basic and rich media units. “IAB members have long requested that we integrate mobile into our ‘Display Advertising Guidelines’,” said Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager at IAB. “With these new guidelines we’re giving marketers a direct pathway to consistently creating mobile ads that can produce strong results. This is the type of vital joint industry effort that is sure to drive mobile’s future growth.”

standard People Are Awesome – 2013 Video – Thanks to All Who Attended the Mobile Media Summit SF

mms-sf1Last week’s Mobile Media Summit in San Fran was totally awesome, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom! The Editorial team here wanted to express our sincere thanks to all for making our first 2013 Mobile Media Summit in San Fran an outstanding success!  The metrics were amazing, over 700 registered, almost 50 speakers and over 25 sponsors and partners! The west coast’s top agencies, brands and publishers were all there, including Adobe, Amazon, Ansible, Apple, AT&T, BPN, Carat, Catalyst S+F, Chase, Clorox, Digitas, Dow Jones, Draft FCB, eBay, Facebook, Fetch, Goodby Silverstein, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Kellogg’s, L’Oréal, Marriott, Mediabrands, Mediasmith, Mindshare, Nestle-Purina, Nintendo, OMD, Optimedia, Organic, P&G, PayPal, Pereira & O’Dell, Phd, Razorfish, Sony, Starcom, T3, T-Mobile, Tribal, True North, Twitter, Universal McCann, Visa, Weiden & Kennedy, Wells-Fargo and Zenith!  Special thanks to sponsors and partners,, AdColony, AdMobius, [a]listdaily, [alistsummit], AOL, Application Developers Alliance, BlueKai, Celtra, Direct Marketing News, Jumptap, Liquidnet, MadAve Mobile, Marchex, MobileGaming USA, PubMatic, RadiumOne, sfBig, SessionM, Tagged, Tapjoy, Telmetrics, The Weather Channel, Velti, and The Wharton Future of Advertising Program.  Also, shout-outs go to FT, AdAge, Adweek and Bloomberg Media for leading special panels. This video expresses the excitement of being mobile and a taste of our day,

standard Qualcomm’s Awkward “Born Mobile” CES Keynote

1.10.13_Qualcomm2013 was the first time in many years that Microsoft didn’t host the opening keynote for the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas. Instead, the show went to Qualcomm and its CEO, Dr. Paul Jacobs. We weren’t quite sure what to expect beyond a new series of processors, but what we got was weirder than anything we’ve seen in all of our collective years attending CES. While Chris Ziegler translated the surreal experiences into a liveblog and Dieter Bohn took photos of the craziest moments, the rest of the Verge staff took to Twitter to react to the event. You can relive the insanity right here.

standard Never Look Up – Mobile Users, Tumblr’d

1.10.13_Never_look_upAre you guilty of staring down at your cell phone while briskly walking along the street, dodging oncoming pedestrians and traffic aided only by your peripheral vision? Then you may one day end up on “We Never Look Up,” a photography blog dedicated to snapping pictures of unsuspecting technology obsessives as they walk along the street, texting away. The blog, featuring beautiful black-and-white photography, is the brainchild of an anonymous mobile researcher from Finland. “My inspiration was mainly commuting to work,” the photographer told Mashable via e-mail. “Seeing people sitting in buses with their heads down, walking from point A to B without looking straight, waiting on trains and trams, silent, heads bowed down. And seeing people sitting in cafes and restaurants across from each other, using their phones, not uttering a word. You know, basic behavior nowadays.” The photographer maintained he’s not judging his subjects, just documenting them.

standard T-Mobile Sports a New 4G Look

Carly Foulkes, T-Mobile‘s genteel spokeswoman, trades her pink summer dress for a black leather motorcycle outfit in a new ad from the company touting the network’s 4G network. Dubbed “Alter Ego,” the ad shows Foulkes growing bored with her closet full of magenta outfits before donning the new outfit and hopping on a 1000 cc Ducati superbike. Metaphor alert: the bike is meant to evoke T-Mobile’s 4G service. Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile’s SVP for brand, advertising and communications, says the ad is about “challenging the status quo and taking bold steps in the marketplace as a challenger brand,” and continued, “The makeover from the girl-next-door to an edgier, more tech-savvy and spirited Carly is synonymous with the evolution of the T-Mobile brand.”

standard Can The iPhone Take All The Credit For Mobile?

Apple’s iPhone opened up significant opportunities for marketers when it came on the scene in 2007 and since then numerous developments have led to new opportunities in terms of scale and reach. According to Mobile Marketer, Apple’s iPhone taught consumers that sharing information about their location and other data about themselves via a mobile device can be fun and beneficial, opening the door for marketers to target consumers via mobile. However, with many brands still lacking a robust mobile strategy, marketers are looking for the next big advancement that could pave the way for the channel to reach critical mass.

standard Are Publishers “Toast” On Mobile?

Mobile has undoubtedly shifted the way that publishers view their revenue models, but with drops in advertising revenue and media companies not taking advantage of the channel, can publishers survive in the post-PC world? According to Mobile Marketer, print publishers have grappled with how to approach mobile, whether it is with subscription models or advertising, for years. But when it comes down to it, do publishers have a chance in the mobile space or should they just cut their losses? “Mobile is a tiny market, however it is growing quickly,” said Agata Kaczanowska, lead industry analyst and media specialist at IBISWorld, Santa Monica, CA.

standard Kodak Tries To Monetize Photo Sharing App

Kodak is letting consumers order prints and pick them up the same day at Target and CVS stores nationwide via a new mobile application. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, consumers love using mobile phones to snap photos, browse photos and send them to friends. Being able to use a mobile app to quickly order prints of their favorite images is an important convenience for on-the-go users. “Being able to order prints was by far the most popular feature request – and in some cases a demand – from our app users,” said Trent Gruenwald, product marketing manager at Kodak Gallery, Emeryville, CA.

standard PayDragon App Meets LA Food Trucks

Several food trucks in the Los Angeles area are using a new mobile payments app so that customers can easily place orders and pay for them without having to wait in line. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the PayDragon mobile payments app enables users to pre-order from the menus for seven food trucks and pay for their purchases. Users can also scan QR codes on the sides of the trucks to initiate a transaction and find special offers. “Food trucks are by their very nature mobile,” said Hamilton Chan, founder and CEO of Paperlinks and PayDragon, Los Angeles. “Because they are always roving around town, consumers have become accustomed to walking to nearby trucks and ordering their food the old-fashioned way – standing in line behind a window.

standard Google Finds Mobile Moves Markets

 With consumers increasingly using mobile for price comparison, finding retail locations and shopping, retailers need to develop and think strategically about ways to integrate mobile into their overall marketing channels with smartphone and tablet uses.  According to Mobile Commerce Daily, according to new research from Google, consumers are increasingly swapping out their desktops for their mobile devices globally. The research looked at findings from the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Japan and also examined how tablets are playing a role in mobile trends.

standard Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Increases Sales

Amazon’s early data from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which allows Amazon prime members who are also Kindle owners to borrow one free e-book per month, “suggests the possibility of an increase in customer purchasing,” Kindle content VP Russ Grandinetti said at Digital Book World today. Grandinetti said “we’re trying to be skeptical about this” but Amazon’s early data “suggests you can get people engaged in a book that they weren’t interested in otherwise.”

standard Vertu Taps Vogue, Net-A-Porter for Geo-Targeted Mobile Ads

Luxury smartphone retailer Vertu is using location-based advertisements in mobile applications such as Conde Nast’s Vogue and Net-A-Porter to market its new Constellation device. According to Luxury Daily, the ads use video and are meant to drive consumers to Vertu boutiques. The brand is trying to target a high-end female consumer. “With innovative mobile advertising campaigns, luxury brands have the ability to better target their campaigns at a specific audience in a certain geographic location,” said Gabi Schindler chief marketing officer of Amobee, San Francisco.

standard Google, Citi Discover First-Mover Advantage

 The mobile industry let out a big “oops” this week when flaws were exposed in mobile applications from Google and Citi that put consumers at risk, suggesting that the rush to be first in mobile payments and mobile banking may come with a price. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, two security flaws were identified last week in the Google Wallet mobile payment app that potentially let hackers access consumer accounts. Citi ran into trouble with its iPad mobile banking app, which has a program error that resulted in some customers paying the same bills twice.

standard Are QR Codes Killing SMS?

 SMS is a reliable workhorse in mobile marketing, but with the sudden rise and popularity of QR codes, text-in call to actions are being substituted by mobile bar codes. According to Mobile Marketer, nowadays consumers cannot go a day without seeing a QR code – whether it is on a magazine page, billboard or bus shelter. In past years, SMS calls to actions were seen just about anywhere. However, many current marketing efforts are not incorporating SMS, but rather placing a QR code on products to drive user engagement.

standard How Mobile Cultivates Loyalty

 Mobile Web is commonly used by marketers who are looking to incorporate a rich, interactive experience into a mobile marketing campaign. However, smart brands and retailers can use mobile Web sites to foster a deeper customer loyalty. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, from fast food chains to big box retailers, every smart brand has a mobile-optimized Web site these days, and for many companies mobile Web stands apart from other digital initiatives. Although mobile applications are typically reserved for loyal users, companies can also enrich their mobile Web sites to enlist a new group of engaged consumers. “Brands are using the mobile Web to extend key desktop functionality to a growing number of mobile users” said Ryan Kelly, vice president of sales and marketing at Mad Mobile, Tampa, FL.

standard New Photo App Erases Photobomb

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking photos at a cheesy tourist trap or at the Golden Globes — there’s always a risk that a stranger (or Tina Fey) will ruin your memories with a cameo appearance in the background. Photo technology company Scalado has developed a way to correct the so-called photobomb. It announced on Tuesday a technology called Remove that automatically deletes unwanted objects from the background of mobile phone photos. The technology, which has not yet been released commercially, takes a series of photos in quick succession and then pinpoints moving objects in the collection, giving you the option to remove them with a click.

standard Mobile Could Increase 18-Fold

Smartphones, tablets, streaming video platforms and a constellation of expanding high-speed cellular wireless services are poised to drive mobile traffic to an incredible 10.8 exabytes a month by 2016, says network systems manufacturer Cisco. Since we’re not really using that word yet, I’ll break it down for you: An exabyte is equal to one million terabytes, or one billion gigabytes. That, wrote Cisco in its annual report released Feb. 14, would be an 18-fold increase over wireless network traffic today. The company says that wireless video, audio and email sent by mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops rose 133 percent in 2011, though only a few points more than it predicted.

standard State Farm Encourages Safety Via Android

State Farm is providing users with individual feedback about their driving habits and offering tips on how they can drive more safely via a new Android application. According to Mobile Marketer, the Driver Feedback app is available for free download in Google’s Android Market. Additionally, the app is also available to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.

standard JCPenney Strengthens Mcommerce Efforts

Department store chain JCPenney is promoting its new fair and square pricing, as well as ramping up its mobile commerce strategy via a new advertising campaign. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the company is running audio and full page ads within Pandora’s iPhone application. JCPenney unveiled its new fair and square pricing last month. The fair and square initiative includes three kinds of pricing – everyday, month-long values and best prices.

standard Cover Girl Taps Mobile For Launch

Procter & Gamble’s Cover Girl is promoting its new Blast FlipStick lipstick products through an interactive mobile ad. According to Mobile Marketer, besides using the mobile ads to promote the line, the campaign also helps users finding their perfect color and recommends similar makeup products. The mobile ads are running within the IMDb iPhone app. “Mobile devices are always convenient as consumers carry them with them at all times, so users can carry out research on the go when they have a spare minute during their commute or their free time,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York.

standard Will PayPal Target Retailers?

PayPal is reportedly preparing to launch a smartphone attachment for processing credit card transactions similar to what Square and others are already offering. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, PayPal is holding an event in San Francisco on Thursday, where it is speculated the company will introduce the new service. The move would follow recent steps by PayPal to build its presence in bricks-and-mortar stores via point-of-sale devices enabling shoppers to pay for purchases via their PayPal accounts by entering a mobile phone number and PIN. If the rumors are correct, PayPal would join an increasingly crowded space, with Square, Intuit and VeriFone already offering similar smartphone attachments for small and mid-sized business.

standard Wynn Las Vegas Geo-Targets M-Taxis

Luxury hotel and casino Wynn Las Vegas is driving awareness via a mobile advertising campaign in taxis that serves geo-targeted content about popular destinations around town. According to Mobile Marketer, the ads are appearing on Samsung Galaxy tablets that have been placed inside 1,000 Las Vegas taxi cabs for a year. Through the use of GPS technology, the effort delivers geo-targeted audio and video tours of Wynn Las Vegas, local attractions and as well as shopping and nightlife spots to visit based on their point of embarkation.

standard Sony Pictures’s “Girl With the Mobile Tattoo!”

 Sony Pictures is proving that mobile plays a big role when it comes to promoting its films by letting consumers order their copy of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” via a new ad campaign. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the company is running the expandable mobile ads within Pandora’s iPhone application. Sony has used Pandora in the past to promote its new releases. “Running mobile ads is important for any company or brand seeking to leverage the unique here-and-now revenue opportunities mobile offers,” said Wilson Kerr, vice president of business development and sales at Unbound Commerce, Boston.